CORI: Organizer of the CanGoDeep Challenge

The entire CanGoDeep challenge is being organized and supervised by CORI, whose main mission is to expand knowledge of the ocean and bring it closer to society through the transfer, innovation and design of marine technologies.

CanGoDeep Challenge Mission

Our mission with the challenge is to bring interest in the ocean closer to young people and help raise awareness of the need to protect the marine environment through its exploration.

In addition, it will also bring the ocean closer to the general public. Usually, when talking about the marine environment, people tend to think of that easily accessible piece of coast, but we will show that it is not just that and that there are countless hidden areas under the sea.

CORI Experience in Other Projects

At Cori we have a large number of projects that have been successfully executed, thanks to the help of our team and external collaborators. Because of this we can give a guarantee to collaborators that the project will go ahead.